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The key to great hair is great haircare, any stylist will tell you that.  But why is it so important that products are purchased from your salon?

  1. DIVERSION: Most people don’t know what this means (HINT: It has to do with the illegal sale of haircare products to retailers not licensed to sell them).  When you grab that Redken shampoo and Pureology styling product from your local grocery store, you have NO GUARANTEE that the product has not been diluted or altered in some way.  Only products sold in salons are guaranteed.  At The Garden we go a step further, by PERSONALLY GUARANTEEING all of our haircare products.  We have taken great care to test and research product offerings so that we offer only the very best to our clients.
  2. EDUCATION: If you like working with a technically skilled stylist who knows the latest techniques and trends, then purchasing your haircare products in the salon is the ONLY way to go.  Retail sales allow your stylist to attend a wider variety and larger number of continuing education classes.  At The Garden we want to give you the BEST, whether it’s haircare products, advice or services.  Your patronage allows us to do just that.
  3. EDUCATION: We’ll say it again, we love education…but this time we mean for YOU!  We spent hundreds of thousands of hours in school and continuing education, all so that we can prescribe the proper cut, style, color and take home regimen for our clients.  A layperson could visit any local retailer and come home with hundreds of dollars of products, none of which are appropriate for their hair.  If you do hit the jackpot and find the right combination of products, what are the odds you will know how to use them???
  4. REWARDS: That’s right, at The Garden you are REWARDED for your loyalty!  For every $25 you spend on haircare products you will get $5 towards services!  We know you’re coming to us for cut, color and texturizing services and we know you’re shampooing your hair at home…why NOT earn some freebies for doing it?!?
  5. PRICE: We have spent a lot of time perusing local retailers’ haircare aisles because we want to offer competitive prices to our wonderful Garden-goers.  In fact, our prices are LOWER than several local retail stores!  As a corollary to the price coefficient, if you are spending (conservatively) $400 on cuts and color per year, WHY would you go home and ravage your Garden-given ‘do with subpar haircare???  This just leads to more frequent salon visits, more damage to your hair and (in the end) an inability to achieve the style you are hoping for.
  6. LOCAL: We are all Durhamites, and proud of it!  With such a thriving local business scene, we know our fellow Durhamites understand the importance of shopping local.  We want to bring something back to our wonderful community, but we need your help to do it!
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