Glossy Haired Girls…

Stars tripping the light fantastic always seem to have otherworldly tresses–so shiny they don’t even seem real.  But you can achieve that glam factor too!  Here are 10 quick tips for glossy locks…

  1. Dousing hair with shine products containing mica can rough up the cuticle and leave your hair looking dull.  We recommend Redken’s Diamond Oil, which not only enhances shine but leaves hair healthier and softer.
  2. Not all hair colors are the same, so you should wash, rinse and repeat accordingly.  Lighter hair is porous and more susceptible to buildup, so it’s shiniest when it’s cleanest.  Brunettes look better with well-conditioned day 2 hair.
  3. Few ingredients add more shine than the glossy polymer we know as silicone.  The reason for this is that silicone remains on the outside of the hair shaft increasing shine.  A great option for those looking for over-the-top shine is the Moroccan Oil Treatment.  This oil can be applied on wet or dry hair, but should be used sparingly and applied from the ponytail down to avoid greasy-looking roots.                          
  4. Go Brazilian!  Imagine getting a blowout that lasts 12 weeks…well, the Brazilian Blowout is as close as you can get!  This 2-hour procedure involves ironing a smoothing complex onto the hair’s surface.  To prolong the results you should use a sulfate-free shampoo.  At The Garden we offer the original Brazilian, Brazilian for bangs only to tame that fringe and the NEW Brazilian Split-end Treatment to repair damaged ends and avoid having to loose additional length at your next salon visit.  Healthy hair is shiny hair!                                         
  5. Shiny hair is nourished hair.  Stylist to First Lady Michelle Obama recommends that his clients break open Vitamin E capsules and rub the gel directly on the hairline.  This antioxidant increases circulation to stimulate hair growth.
  6. While we love a good clarifying wash on occasion, stay away from clarifying shampoos if you want to coax the shine out of your hair as these strip the hair of its natural oils.
  7. Purchase a brush with natural bristles which will distribute your hair’s natural oils throughout the hair making it shinier.  The classic Denman brush, available here, is a great (and affordable) option!                                                   
  8. Eat a caesar salad, anchovies and all!  According to dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, L-cysteine, found in egg yolks, optimizes the production of keratin, a protein critical for growth. The omegas in olive oil and anchovies also boost the hydration of hair from the inside out!
  9. A flat-iron is shine’s best friend.  Using this tool smooths the cuticle creating a larger surface area to reflect light.  We love (and sell) Sam Villa’s SLEEKR flat iron which has settings for color-treated and damaged hair.
  10. Add some dimension!  Multi-dimensional color looks shinier to the eye than flat hair color.  If you’re a blonde, ask your stylist for some darker shades–go for the opposite if you have darker hair.
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